Vida Andaluza

Vida Andaluza – Ronda

A 45-minute drive from Gaucin, Ronda is a spectacular town with many attractions.  It’s a great place to drive out to, explore, and have lunch or dinner. It lies on the breath-taking A369, which threads a winding path through the mountains and a series of white villages that are smaller than Gaucin, but all well … Continue reading Vida Andaluza – Ronda

Vida Andaluza – Grazalema

A key motivation for blogging is the inspiration this provides to get out and about and see things.  And so we set off early one autumn morning to visit Grazalema – a village famous as a centre for hikers seeking challenging and spectacular mountain scenery. This pretty pueblo blanco was established in Moorish times by … Continue reading Vida Andaluza – Grazalema

Vida Andaluza – Gaucín Feria

10 AUGUST 2017 - FERIA Gaucín is a Goldilocks village, in terms of size, it's 'just right'.  Still very much a village - intimate, informal, unspoiled - and with a population of 2,000 the place is bigger than most of its neighbours in the Lower Genal Valley and lively enough to organise an event every … Continue reading Vida Andaluza – Gaucín Feria