Vida Andaluza – Specially mapped walks for our guests

We moved to Gaucin for the walking; we think Gaucin and the surrounding hills and mountains offer some of the best walking in the world.  People living in the Swiss Alps, the Drakensbergs, and Yellowstone Park might quibble, but the landscapes, the flora, the colours and the light around here are very hard to beat.  … Continue reading Vida Andaluza – Specially mapped walks for our guests

Vida Andaluza – Things To Do!

Our guests often ask us to recommend things to do while they are staying in the house.  We're always happy to give advice based on specific interests, in the meantime here are a few ideas that should keep you busy for at least a fortnight - enjoy! SWIMMING POOLS Gaucin village pool is usually open … Continue reading Vida Andaluza – Things To Do!

Vida Andaluza – Lacipo

In the middle-ground of the view from our sitting room window, just to the right of the Sierra Casares (the southern end of the double-headed mountain), lies a hill called Cerro Pelliscoso.   Apart from a smattering of goats, the hill is abandoned, but its long, narrow, plateaued top is strewn with large boulders, and … Continue reading Vida Andaluza – Lacipo